【the GazettE、最新トレーラー映像公開!3月10日に新曲発表、さらにニューアルバムも5月発売決定!】

2021.01.29 up

この間、予期せぬコロナ禍の影響で中止となったライブ「the GazettE 18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576」を経て、長く沈黙を貫いたthe GazettEが本日、オフィシャルYouTubeチャンネルにて最新トレーラー映像を公開しました!

さらに、リリースに先駆けて19周年を迎える3月10日に待望の新曲「BLINDING HOPE」をストリーミング&ダウンロードで発売!



the GazettE has released their latest trailer video!
New song to be announced on March 10, and the new album will be released in May!

It's been three whole years since the release of their last full album "NINTH" and after a long period of silence following the cancellation of their "the GazettE 18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576" concert due to the unforeseen effects of the Corona disaster, the GazettE has released their latest trailer video on their official YouTube channel today!

the GazettE's new album, their 10th in total, will be released in May 2021! plus the long-awaited new song "BLINDING HOPE" will be available for streaming and download on March 10th, their 19th anniversary, prior to the release!

More details about the new song and the new album will be announced in the future.
Check out the latest trailer video released today!