【the GazettE『18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576』にご来場される皆様へのお願い】

2020.02.20 up

3月10日(火)開催 the GazettE『18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576』にご来場の皆様へ、新型コロナウイルス・インフルエンザ等の感染予防・拡散防止のため、下記のご協力をお願い致します。





■新型コロナウイルス感染症について 厚生労働省HP
お客様、並びにthe GazettEメンバー・スタッフの全員で無事に公演を開催するためにも、皆様の感染予防対策へのご理解とご協力を何卒よろしくお願い申し上げます。

■『18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576』グッズの一部受注販売についてのお知らせ

■『18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576』グッズの一部受注販売に伴うOFFICIAL BUS TOUR参加者様へのお知らせ


【Request and information for the GazettE “18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576” attendee】
We would like to ask the following to the GazettE “18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576” attendee on March 10 (Tue), to prevent the spread and spread of new coronavirus and influenza.

・It is very important for each person to carry out cough etiquette and hand washing as well as measures against colds and seasonal flu. We ask that you take basic infectious disease measures. We ask all visitors to bring their masks and wear them.

・If you have any symptoms such as fever, cough, or malaise, please be sure to contact a medical institution before coming to concert hall and see a doctor if necessary.

・If you feel sick or feel unwell during the performance, please contact a concert staff near you.

・Please note that the concert staff will also wear masks to prevent the spread inside the venue.

We sincerely ask for your understanding and cooperation in infection prevention measures so that our customers and all attendee, the GazettE members and staff can safely carry the event.

■Notice of partial order sales of “18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576” goods

■Announce to official bus tour customer as due to『18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576』goods order sale service